1. DATE 
The Scott Junior Trophy will take place on the date indicated on the official Bike Festival website. 

The initial Scott Junior Trophy start time is at 10:30am (Minis), with subsequent start times for all other age groups from 2021 to 2016 following brief intervals. The start times for the 2015 - 2010 age classes are scheduled for approximately 12:30pm (The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the start times). Participants arriving late or without a helmet will not be allowed to participate in the Scott Junior Trophy. 

The Scott Junior Trophy is a sporting event for children aged 3 to 14, not included in the official FCI - UCI calendar. It features various types of route, each characterised by increasing length and technical complexity. 

Details about the different routes can be found on the official event website.

The event organiser holds discretionary authority, allowing it to make event-related decisions at any time. By virtue of these powers, the organiser has the right to change the route for objective reasons (e.g. damage to road surfaces), either extending or shortening it to an appropriate extent, including shortly before the event.

Scott Junior Trophy participants require written consent from at least one parent or legal guardian. For on-site registrations, the registration form must bear the signature of a parent or legal guardian. Online registrations necessitate parental or legal guardian consent, acknowledged by attaching the appropriate disclaimer after carefully reading it.

These special regulations, in addition to the General Bike Festival Regulations, outline the conditions each participant agrees to through their parent or guardian.

Immediate and unrestricted compliance with instructions from event staff and public safety officials (police, fire brigade, CNSAS) is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in the organiser excluding the participant from the event. Event staff (e.g. marshals) will be clearly identified by the organiser and are authorised to provide instructions on behalf of the organiser.

Parents must ensure that their children possess the mental and physical requirements to participate in the Scott Junior Trophy. If needed, they should consult a doctor to assess their overall state of health. 

All types of bicycles are permitted in the Scott Junior Trophy. 

The following equipment is strictly prohibited:
- Bottle cages located behind or under the saddle
- Water bottles made of rigid materials such as glass, aluminium, etc.

Participants are required to wear a suitable helmet at all times and ensure the proper functioning of their bicycles, especially regarding brakes and other safety-critical components. Participants may be excluded from participating in the Junior Trophy if technical faults are detected.

The starting line for the Scott Junior Trophy is located within the festival area. Please follow the Signage on wite. 

The start times are divided into two time blocks. The line-up for each start block is set 5 minutes before the starting signal. All participants complete the first lap together as a warm-up. The line-up at the starting line for each age group is determined by the time of registration.

Participants line up for the first age group (Minis age group) immediately after the last rider reaches the finish line of the practice lap. Subsequent announcements will follow. Participants must pay attention to the speaker's announcements! The speaker will call out the starting age group, and all participants must get ready to join the starting line-up.

In cases where there aren't sufficient participants for one or more age groups, two or more classes may be combined into a single run (with separate scores, of course!). Therefore, all cyclists must always be in a position to listen to the speaker's announcements.

The different classes each compete in a race divided into laps.
MINIS 2021 - 2020 1 lap 350m
2019 - 2018 2 laps 700m
2017 - 2016 3 laps 1,050m
2015 - 2014 5 laps 1,750m
2013 - 2012 7 laps 2,450m
2011 - 2010 10 laps 3,500m

The awards ceremony is scheduled to occur on the festival stage on Sunday, 5 May 2024, following the conclusion of the final Junior Trophy. We request the presence of all first, second, and third-place winners in their respective categories. In the event of absence without prior notification to the organisers, a prize draw will determine the recipients.

Trophies and fantastic prizes await those securing the top three spots in each category. Every participant will be presented with a medal upon completing the Junior Trophy. Following the award ceremony, an additional prize draw will be held for all participants.

Minis 2021 - 2020 (Girls)
Minis 2021 - 2020 (Boys)
F 2019 - 2018 (Girls)
M 2019 - 2018 (Boys)
F 2017 - 2016 (Girls)
M 2017 - 2016 (Boys)
F 2015 - 2014 (Girls)
M 2015 - 2014 (Boys)
F 2013 - 2012 (Girls)
M 2013 - 2012 (Boys)
F 2011 - 2010 (Girls)
M 2011 - 2010 (Boys)

Cycling, much like any other sports and physical activity, comes with risks to the well-being, life, and safety of participants and others, along with potential risks to public and private property and rights (inherent risks). Engaging in cycling also requires adherence to legal regulations, organisational provisions, and other rules designed for precautionary purposes.

Understanding these risks, adopting measures to mitigate their effects, and being aware of both general and specific precautionary rules are prerequisites for participating in the event.

Therefore, each parent or guardian must evaluate these risks and their child's ability to handle them before enrolling them in the Scott Junior Trophy. By registering for the event, participants acknowledge and assume these risks, thereby releasing the organisation from any liability associated with their involvement.

For any matters not explicitly addressed here, the rules outlined in the general Bike Festival regulations shall apply. 

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