Bosch eMTB Challenge 

Gara MTB Riva del Garda

Feel the electrifying pulse of the Bosch eMTB Challenge! This challenge delivers a dynamic mix of uphill, downhill, and orienteering, all geared towards e-assist riding. It's a thrilling ride for all MTB enthusiasts, from the seasoned pros to the weekend warriors.

The Challenge is crafted for all skill levels, welcoming pro athletes, hobbyists, and the occasional riders. Choose between the "Advanced" and "Amateur" categories and showcase your prowess on the trails. With around 300 participants, and powered by our sponsor "Bosch", competitors duke it out in the eMTB Challenge, battling for the top spot in a fun and exciting environment. By the way, here, the most versatile eMTB rider takes the crown. In the eMTB Challenge, it's not just about stamina and motor power – it's your riding skills and sense of direction that truly shine! 

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Emtb 001  DSF6887
Emtb 002  DSF6899
Emtb 015  DSF7394
Emtb 018  DSF7487
Emtb 020  ASF4987
Gara MTB Riva del Garda

eMTB Challenge Amateur

eMTB Challenge for beginners: 
in the "Amateur" category, we've toned down the technical challenges a bit to welcome hobby mountain bikers with basic MTB knowledge. You're in for a relaxed ride through the picturesque Garda Trentino, featuring gentle climbs, fun singletrack descents, and much more. The exact route will be revealed on race day or just before kick-off. This event is all about having a blast and enjoying the ride! 

Gara MTB Riva del Garda

eMTB Challenge Advanced

For the seasoned mountain bikers out there, the "Advanced" category awaits. Brace yourself for an extra stage and some serious technical challenges. It's not just about endurance; you'll need some clever battery management too. The Advanced route promises breathtaking panoramas and thrilling trails, but it's better suited for riders with advanced skills and experience. 

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Participants kick off on 3rd May 2024 at 09:30 am.

The starting area is situated at Parco Miralago, right by the lakeside in Riva del Garda. 

You can collect your race material on Thursday between 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and on Friday between 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. at Hotel Luise - Viale Rovereto, 9.

Each participant can freely choose which category they want to ride in. The difference lies in the length and difficulty. The "Advanced" category is designed for experienced eBikers, requiring more endurance and technical knowledge. Participants in this category tackle one more challenging stage compared to the Amateur Riders.

The route is planned so that it can be completed with one battery. However, it's advisable to manage your power wisely and not ride continuously in "Turbo" mode to ensure the battery lasts until the end.

Absolutely! There will be a top-notch refreshment station on the route where you can enjoy some local specialties from Garda Trentino. Get ready for a treat!

The award ceremony takes place right after the eMTB Challenge on the main stage at the Expo.

Stay tuned!

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