Pedal towards sustainability during the Riva del Garda Bike Festival!

Pedala verso la sostenibilità durante il Bike Festival Riva del Garda!

Merchandising, set-up, communication, transport and many other elements of the Bike Festival Riva will follow a common line, that of environmental sustainability.

Water will be available free of charge in every corner of the expo area; take advantage of this by filling your official event glass or water bottle made of recycled and recyclable plastic and biodegradable materials. The soft floor covering of the Expo area, the wood chips, are of course also sustainable and will subsequently be used to generate energy. The energy used is clean and certified and comes from natural renewable sources, such as that generated by water and wind power. Waste separation and the use of reusable materials also play their part!

We pay attention to every little detail of the Bike Festival Riva del Garda to make it as sustainable as possible. For this very reason, we have set up a section dedicated solely to environmental sustainability - take a look! 

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