Clean energy

Energia pulita

Force of nature

Clean, renewable and certified energy 

Thanks to the collaboration with Dolomiti Energia, the energy used during the Bike Festival is 100% clean and certified. A responsible choice to create a better future for everyone.

Producing and using clean energy is the most effective way we have to combat climate change: a choice that allows us to rebalance our relationship with nature, progressively replacing fossil fuels (decarbonization), protecting the planet's resources, and reducing emissions of harmful substances into the air and water.

Producing clean energy means using renewable natural sources, which do not run out and allow us to limit our environmental impact compared to fossil fuels (coal and natural gas). For example, electricity generated by water power, wind kinetic energy, sun heat and wave motion is clean.

When we talk about certified energy, we mean that our electricity is guaranteed by the Energy Services Manager with Guarantees of Origin: this is a certification that tracks energy generated from renewable sources and promotes a cleaner energy market.


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